Autumn GardeningSummer is sadly all over for another year and the temperature is now  beginning to drop. With the change of season, there are a few things you can be doing around the yard to get your garden ready for the months ahead.

It’s the perfect time to get prepared for the harsh winter conditions, as well as planning ahead for spring blooming.

Your focus in the yard throughout autumn should be about starting afresh. Meaning, it’s time to clear out anything that hasn’t survive the summer months, replenish anything still hanging in there, and start planting new winter crops and spring seedlings.

With the amount of rain we’ve had over summer the yard is in ideal conditions for new planting for the warm soil to establish new growth.

We’ve compiled some tips and general jobs around the yard as well as some specifically for lawns, produce, flowers and plants. So why not get out in the yard this weekend and give it up a good spruce up!

A good place to start is by cleaning up any fallen leaves around the yard, to help clear the area and also prevent any plants or  lawn getting smothered. Next stop would be to get mulching; you will most likely have a lot of bare soil that has been washed away in the wet weather.

 Pot Plants

You may want to give your potted plants a freshen up; composting any sad looking ones, moving the rest to bigger pots with some fresh mix, and it also gives you the chance to clean out your old pots. A tip to remember is even after all this rain your pots still need regular watering, otherwise they will dry out.


Before the cool weather is among us, rejuvenate your lawn with some autumn feeder. You should also be checking out for any winter weeds starting to grow, so they can be sprayed earlier on.


Now is the time to start planting winter herbs and vegetables. Some great produce for the winter months are oregano, carrots and broccoli. It’s recommended to mulch the area first with manure and also apply some lime before planting.


Believe it or not, you already need to start thinking about your spring flowers. Over the next few weeks you can begin planting spring flower bulbs and sowing flower seeds. The change of season also means different flowers coming into flower, camellias and roses will start to flourish in your garden, you may also want to put pansies in hanging baskets to enjoy their bright colours.

Shrubs & Trees

This part of your yard will probably need the most work; to encourage new growth you should be giving your shrubs and trees a trim and tidy up. The top branches will need thinning out and so will any shrubs getting too thick and bushy. It’s also a good time to relocate some of your more lively shrubs like evergreens, and wait for winter to move any shrubs already losing their leaves.

So get in and give your yard a good makeover and it will be looking fresh and lively in no time!