The BBQ season is almost here and in preparation for hosting the beloved Aussie summer BBQ, we have compiled some tips to get yourself ready.

After having your barbecue tucked away over the cold winter months, there are few safety and care instructions that need to be followed.

If you are going to be using your barbecue often, we recommend giving it the all-over clean a few times throughout summer.

Before you start any cleaning, make sure to disconnect the gas hose from the barbecue before touching anything else.

Grill Housing
  • Remove the hot plate, grill, drip tray and clean using a barbecue degreaser.
  • Remove the warming rack, cooking grates, flame tamers, heat plates and burners and check for insects; don’t use pesticides to remove.
  • Remove the old aluminium foil on the drip tray with a new roll.
  • Clean off any residue on the drip tray and replace the absorbent material.
  • Scrape off build-up on the grill housing with a plastic scraper or wire brush.
  • Wash the inside of the grill housing with mild soapy water and rinse out with clean water.
  • For a further clean, flush out the grill housing with a garden hose and wipe with a cloth.
  • Clean off any white oxidation spots on the castings with mild soapy water.
  • Unclog the burner pot holes with a wire or paperclip.
  • Clean the interior of the burner with a flexible cleaning brush.
  • Shake any loose particles out through the gas inlet.
  • Remove any residue from the valve gas jets using a cotton swab.
Heat Plates/Cooking Grates
  • Remove any build-up on the heat plates and cooking grates with a grill brush. This step should be done regularly after using the barbecue.
  • Wash the cooking grates with mild soapy water and rinse out with clean water.
  • Dry off thoroughly using paper towel.
  • Coat front and back sides and each rod of the grates with vegetable shortening; don’t use any type of butter or cooking spray.
  • Season the cooking grates in a conventional oven or on the barbecue for 15-20 minutes.
  • Allow the grates to cool down before placing back onto the barbecue. This step should be done several times over the season to prevent water damage.
  • Clean the body of the barbecue with soapy water and a soft scourer or barbecue wipes.
  • Wipe over any stainless steel surfaces with a stainless steel polish.
  • To clean other exterior surfaces use a soft clean cloth and, warm mild soapy water, or vinegar and water; don’t use chloride detergents, abrasive cleaners, bleach cleaners or steel brushes/wool.
  • Connect the gas hose back onto the barbecue.
  • Check all joins and clamps are tightened.
  • To clean out the gas valve make sure the burners are turned off.
  • Spray soapy water onto hoses and connections.
  • If there is a gas leak, bubbles will start to form in the water. If the fittings can’t be tightened, the gas bottle will need to be replaced.

When you cook on the barbecue for the first time in a while, let it heat up for at least five minutes to kill any bacteria that may be on the surfaces.

Now your barbecue has been given a thorough clean over, its time to start practising your favourite summer BBQ recipes! Check out our Pinterest board for some great ideas.