Summertime is all about fun outdoors, so while we still have half of summer left to enjoy, why not give your outdoor patio or deck an uplifting makeover. Summer decor is all about bright, bold, cheerful colours and prints.

By simply adding bright colour and prints to your outdoor area, it will create a fun and happy summer vibe. You don’t need to completely redecorate though and can easily make a few tweaks here and there to brighten the area up and have things looking fresh. The fun part is you can mix and match with colours and patterns all you like to help create the summer vibe.

If you don’t want to go over the top with colours, add a few accents to create a powerful effect. A great way to do this is by starting small, try adding a burst of colour with one or two items. To keep with the summer entertaining vibe, you could find a bar cart in a bold colour for displaying on your outdoor area. For a great pop of colour try teaming a neutral table with brightly coloured chairs.

A cheap way to brighten things up is by giving old worn out tables and chairs a new life with a colourful paint job. Some cheap and easy furniture additions could include brightly coloured wooden beach chairs, hammocks or even beanbags. A bright shade canopy will give a fun and cheery aesthetic and help to fill the space with colour. For something less permanent though, you could display a coloured umbrella or even use a bold coloured fabric as a curtain screen.

A really effective look for an outside area is to use a brightly coloured or bold patterned rug as the focus point. If you are feeling more dramatic, you could even throw a few mix matched rugs down together. Cushions are one of the cheapest and best options for give your outdoor area an instant hit of colour. Bright and bold coloured cushions look great mix matched. Floor cushions will look great stacked up alongside rugs.

The great thing to remember with this look is more is best. Use as many items as you can to add some colour to the area. Don’t be afraid to mix neon with more neon or pattern with more pattern, it really is all about the layered effect. The great thing is with a bright and cheerful summer vibe on your outdoor area, summer never has to end.