Natural timber has a habit of adding that warm, natural feel to places.This to most, makes it an ideal addition to a home. From wood paneled walls, to wooden dining room tables, the appeal of timber is widespread. But how about outside?

Outdoor timber furniture can look stunning if done right, but if not it can ruin the look of your yard.

First of all, timber is a good all round material. In terms of price, it generally runs the happy medium between cheap plastic furniture and expensive iron and aluminum. Don’t be hasty with your purchase, remember, fools rush in. Think about where you will place the furniture. Will it be under a patio or in the open. Furniture left in the open will need to be tougher and more weather resistant. Undercover furniture can have cushions and other less durable features. Reflect upon the design. What message do you want to convey. The design reflects upon yourself and your preferences. For instance, romantic styles, minimalist post-modern look, 18th century antique or absolutely anything else you like. Overall you want something that’s comfortable, durable and attractive.

The type of timber you choose is important. Softwoods, like pine and cedar will need to be sealed, varnished or painted. This should be done regularly if the furniture is exposed, as water and exposure to the sun will cause cracks and discoloration. Hardwoods, such as teak or merbau are tough. This type will withstand the outdoors better, without the need for regular maintenance. However, they are considerably more expensive than softwood. This type of timber tends to look best in its natural state.

Like most things, if you look after it well, it will last longer. When not being used it’s probably a good idea to cover it. This will protect it from the elements and keep the wood colour intact. If possible try not to put the furniture directly on grass or dirt. The wood can absorb the moisture from the ground and will start to rot. Always make sure that sealant has been applied to the wood and re-apply at your discretion. If it gets dirty, soap and water is the easiest method of cleaning
Last of all you should expect all your outdoor furniture to weather with age. It may not be a bad thing as certain woods will develop a beautiful patina and may look even better for it.

So go ahead and enjoy the outdoors with some grand wooden furniture.