The differences between Insulated and Single Skin Patio Roofing Outdoor living is just part of the Brisbane lifestyle with its warm and sunny climate.

If you are looking at building a patio or deck for your home, no doubt part of this reason is to enjoy outdoor entertaining, hosting barbecues, dinner parties and drinks with family and friends.

Can you relate to the situation of being at a family or friends house for a similar occasion, but found yourself baking under their patio, or trying not to freeze while having drinks on the deck.

It then poses the question of whether you should spend your hard earned money on your own beautiful outdoor living area, if it doesn’t quite meet all the needs.

At Homeshield Patios & Decks we offer an extensive range of outdoor living solutions. Roofing materials however generally fall under just two categories: Single Skin vs Insulated Roofing and Aluminium vs Steel.

Most of our suppliers offer  aluminium or steel options in their Single Skin roofing, while Insulated roof panels are only available in steel.

We regularly build beautiful patios, decks, sunrooms and carports using each of these options. What the best option is for you will come down to your own personal style, needs and budget.

To help you decide the best solution for your needs, we’ve broken down the main differences between Single Skin and Insulated roofing.

If you are looking for the most economical solution than Aluminium Single Skin roofing may be for you. Single Skin roof panels provide a long-lasting and durable roofing solution. They are easy to maintain and will enable natural light in the area.

The reason they’re called Single Skin however, is because they are just that, one panel of aluminium covering for your outdoor room or space. Similarly, Steel Single Skin is just one layer of roofing; but a stronger panel. You may also find the Single Skin panels limiting in your design options and functionality of your patio, deck or carport roof.

On the other hand, Insulated roofing combines two layers of steel with a layer of insulation, the polystyrene core, to provide a strong and durable roof. The advantages of an Insulated roof are giving your patio, deck or carport extra strength, more options stylistically, as well as the many benefits concerning weather protection.

Insulated roof panels will keep your outdoor area comfortable all year round, protecting from the heat in summer and cold in winter. The polystyrene core also prevents other effects of the weather like mildew or condensation, as well as reducing outside noises such as rain or hail. Most Insulated Roofing use Colorbond steel, making it even easier to match the colour of your new roof with your existing home.

With the three layers of an Insulated roof on your patio or deck, it will enable you to experience the benefits of being outdoors while enjoying comforts of the indoors.

At the end of the day though, it comes down what you are wanting out of your patio, deck or carport. For some great real-life examples, check out our case studies page, featuring a great example of Single Skin deck roofing as well as a stunning Insulated patio roof.