So the big day has come and gone, and many of you will be relieved to see the end of it.

But if the kitchen is full of dirty dishes, the floors are a mess and the dirty laundry pile has stacked up, then your home probably needs a good clean to get it looking normal again.

To save yourself from getting too overwhelmed at the enormous task at hand, set yourself mini goals and sort jobs by urgency. Get your family involved in the process so you can help out one another.

For inspiration to get you started, consider the Japanese New Year tradition of Oosouji. In Japan they devote the final week of the year to cleaning, decluttering and organising the mess of their previous year, to welcome in the new year.

The kitchen has probably been the most used area, so it is best to start there. Wash up any dirty dishes or empty the dishwasher, and give the benches a good clean. Next take care of the floors throughout your home, washing over the tiles and vacuuming the carpet. If you find any stains attend to them immediately. Then move onto the bathroom/toilet, giving a thorough clean over. No doubt the barbeque has also got a workover, so give it a clean by removing the grease and washing the inside and outside areas. You could also take care of your dirty washing while you are cleaning up the house.

When throwing out wrapping paper, keep in mind it can be reused as padding for packing up your Christmas decorations. The cardboard tubes from wrapping paper can also be used for storing the lights. Be sure to sort out your Christmas decorations before packing them away, making your job easier next year. Keep similar items together when storing and label the boxes, you may even want to invest in clear plastic boxes. If some decorations are starting to look worn out, tired, or outdated, now is a good time to throw things out. Remember decorations can always be replaced cheaply, so don’t be a hoarder.

Storing away all your new presents can prove quite a challenge, particularly if you have young children who have received many new toys. A good rule to follow is, throw out two old things for every new thing you put away. Not only will this give you the space you need, but it is a good opportunity to sort out old items of clothes, toys, etc, that no longer get used and can be donated to a charity.You may also want to put together a regifting basket, or even hold a regifting party with some friends.

Once you make your way through these steps, you should start to recognise your neat home again, and will be feeling much happier with your home and yourself – right in time to start the new year afresh.