Sick of seeing the same old gardening ideas? Us too, so we’ve found some creative ideas to update your garden, patio or deck. With the weekend just almost among us – why not get outdoors in the sunshine and try out one of our ideas!



Sourcing a vintage timber wheelbarrow may not be easy, but how great does it look being used as a flower planter! It would be really easy to put together, just grab some potting mix and  pretty coloured flowers and it’s done.

Not only is the wheelbarrow a creative way of potting flowers, but would make it easy to move around neatly, whenever you feel like changing its location.


Ribbon Organiser

This is such a clever idea for keeping track of what to plant and in which month of the year.

It’s super cheap and easy to make, plus you won’t need much space to hang up. Once yours is all set up, your garden should be flourishing in no time!


Chandelier Planter

This relatively simple diy project, basically involves gluing terra cotta pots and saucers to a chandelier.

Pick out a bright colour to paint the pots, add some pretty flowers and you’ve got yourself a beautiful planter to hang in your patio or deck.


Watering cans

Who would have thought of combining an old window frame and watering cans to create a lovely flower planter?! What’s great about this idea is how cheaply it could be put together.

If you are feeling really creative, you could try substituting the watering cans with whatever your imagination thinks up!


Herb Submerged Pots

Has your herb garden ever grown wild and out of hand? Well this is a great solution!

By planting the herbs in submerged pots you can be sure your plants won’t grow out of control, and your garden remains neat.


If you have enjoyed these creative gardening ideas and would like to know more, why not check out our Pinterest page. We’ve got a great collection of gardening and all-round outdoor living inspiration.