Outdoor LightingFor a lot of people the summer heat means one thing – night time entertaining. Whether it’s a special occasion or not, balmy summer nights are the perfect opportunity to spend with family and friends, and why not spend it in the comfort of your own patio or deck.

Any great outdoor entertaining at night wouldn’t be complete without great lighting to complement your outdoor space.

There are numerous ways to light up your entertaining area and create great ambience. A large tree close to your entertaining area can be used to hang lighting from the branches, alternatively you could use wooden poles, dug into the grass or sat in a bucket of gravel, to hang pieces from. Paper lanterns, metal lanterns, fairy lights and glass holders can all be used to hang around your outdoor space. Not only are these cheap options, but they will all look stunning at night. Free-standing options like lantern torches, solar lights or LED lights can be dug in the ground to make your surrounding area truly sparkle.

For a quick and easy way to brighten up your outdoor space, candles scattered around the entertaining area will give a dramatic effect. Candle holders come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for everyone’s budget. Candelabras, metal lanterns and mason jars come in a variety of styles to suit your individual decor, and are readily available. If you have a large table you could create a candle centerpiece by decorating a tray with an assortment of candles and flowers, or alternatively, filling a glass bowl with stones and sand to create a floating candle effect.

Living in Queensland, you may want to be practical with your lighting options and use citronella lights. A row of citronella torches could be placed on the path to your patio or deck, or even around the entertaining area. Citronella candles or lanterns can also be scattered across the space, hanging from trees, and placed in lanterns or glass jars to display on the table.

Your options really are endless and the great thing is because there are so many ways to light up your outdoor space, you can choose the perfect lights to fit in with your own style and budget. Even better, all these options are changeable, so you can mix things up and try out a different lighting option or style from time to time.