With one more month of winter ahead of us, why not start embracing the cooler nights and have some fun in your backyard with an outdoor fire pit. After all, why shouldn’t you enjoy outdoor living all year round!

We’ve found some easy to follow diy fire pit instructions or alternatively, we’ve put together inspiring fire pit designs for you to keep in mind when purchasing your own. Of course, getting the fire pit is just the first step, so once you get it all set up we’ve got some yummy camp fire treats to enjoy with the family.


The simplest directions for an above-ground fire pit involves using cardboard concrete form and rebar to create the circular shape. Once the circular shape is in, use concrete to lay stones or bricks around, creating the frame. Chuck some gravel on the floor and the fire pit is done!

An even simpler option would be to use besser blocks to create a square or rectangular shape. All you would need to do is stack up the besser blocks and spread gravel around the area.

For below-ground you can easily build a fire pit by digging a circular hole and filling with lava rocks. Inside the hole you would just need to place stones/bricks vertically around the edge. Then above-ground just set large stones/flat rocks around the edge and fill dirt between.

But if you want to create something a little bit different, here are some imaginative takes on the diy fire pit:


Outdoor Fire Pit DIY Outdoor Fire Pit
Backyard Fire Pit with Family Hand Prints Backyard Fire Pit



If diy isn’t your thing, or you would like something a bit more stylish, there are plenty of amazing design options around. No matter what your taste, there are an endless number of sizes, shapes and styles of fire pits available. Here’s some of the most unique and interesting styles we came across.


Performance Glass Fireplace Zero Fire Place
Signals Planet Earth Fire Pit John Xochihua Outdoor Fire Pits



Now for the best part – the yummy recipes you can enjoy once you are relaxing around your new fire pit. These recipes are too good to save till you go camping!

Campfire Cones

A super easy recipe all you need are waffle cones, fruit of your choice, miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips and some aluminium foil.

Fill the cones with chopped fruit, chocolate chips and marshmallows. Then wrap the cones up with al foil and sit in fire pit. Let cook for approx 5-7 mins and they’re ready to eat!

Campfire Eclairs

To make this recipe you need refrigerated croissants, snack pack pudding or whipped cream and chocolate frosting or nutella.

Using a dowel or stick, cook the bread over the fire pit. Once cooked, pipe the whipped cream/pudding into the éclair and spread the chocolate/nutella over the top.

Fudgy Campfire Cakes

Using very little ingredients, these cakes only requires oranges, brownie packet mix, aluminium foil and optional topping of crunchy cereal and caramel sauce.

To make, cut the top off an orange and scoop out the insides. Prepare the brownie batter and fill the orange with made up batter. Cover the orange back with its lid. Wrap oranges in foil, using least 2 layers. Cook in the fire, and rotate every once in a while over 30-50 minutes. Unwrap the orange and if you like, top with crunchy cereal and caramel sauce.

Campfire Bananas

Easy peasy recipe with only a banana, miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips and aluminium foil.

Start by slicing the peel of the banana from stem to bottom. Peel back the banana and stuff it with as much miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips as you can fit in. Close back the banana peel and wrap with al foil. Cook  in the fire for approx 5 mins.

Nutella S’mores

This recipe only just comes under camp fire cooking – but it’s so simple and delicious!

You just need some marshmallows, biscuit of your choice and nutella. To make, toast marshmallows then break a biscuit and fill with well toasted marshmallow and nutella.