An outdoor patio is almost a quintessential aspect of the Queensland home. In the summer, the patio makes an excellent area to entertain friends and family, or even just to relax outdoors.

When the mercury drops however, the patio may not be of much use, since most people would rather try and stay warm inside the house.

It would be a great pity then to be unable to make use of this wonderful space. Luckily this problem can be solved with the use of outdoor heating appliances. Patio heaters are not only functional, but can also be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the look of your patio.

So what choices, are out there? Firstly, there are gas heaters. These are a good source of heat, and are cool to the touch, thus being a safe option for children. You have most likely seen these around the outdoor areas of cafes. They are however, expensive, costing around $1000. They are also affected by wind conditions as the wind can direct the heat away from the patio.

Another option is the electric patio heater. These are bar heaters powered by electricity and can vary is size and shape. Some are also small enough to be placed on an outdoor table. They are relatively inexpensive and also safe. However, they produce the least amount of heat and require an outdoor power electricity connection.

To add a touch of romantic nostalgia, why not try an open fire as a source of outdoor heating? These heaters are powered by either wood or coal briquettes. A common type is a brazier and is
a cheap alternative to electric and gas power heaters. They also produce a greater amount of heat in comparison with electric. However, an open fire may not be the safest idea on a wooden patio, therefore the floor should be of a non flammable material like stone. They are also not child friendly as the heat source is very hot to the touch.

Whichever option suits you and your lifestyle the best, an outdoor heater is the perfect way to maximise your patio or deck no matter what the temperature.