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The weather has well and truly warmed up, so before the craziness of the Christmas period hits, why not spend your spare time relaxing and make the most of your patio or deck.

We’ve put together some tips on how to easily make your own outdoor relaxation area.

A lavish Balinese daybed doesn’t fit in all of our budgets, however there are a number of items you can use to create your own cheap and easy alternative. Depending on what resources you already have, you may be able to quickly throw something together, or otherwise buy some items cheaply.

If you have an old lounge lying around, why not move it outside and bring it back to life with a nice throw, or recovering it with new fabric. Another option is to place two backless bench seats together and against a wall. To keep hold together place some thin foam in between the bench seats, and decorate with some fabric, doona, or even a thin mattress.

If you hunt around some op shops you may be lucky to score a cheap single bed frame and mattress which can be easily jazzed up with some paint and fabric cover. For a bit of a challenge you could screw together timber pallets and cover with a similar sized mattress. Otherwise for some really simple options you could use a park bench seat, a single mattress, hammock, or some bean bags to all easily do the trick.

When you find the right throw, fabric cover or doona to use, continue decorating your daybed with an array of scatter cushions and even some soft quilts. You could also find a cheap stool or side table to place next to your daybed, creating a space to rest your drink, book, or put some sweet-smelling candles and aromatherapy oils.

Living in Queensland, a great way to finish off your daybed is by hanging a mosquito net over it. There really an endless list of ways to create and decorate your own outdoor relaxation space, you just need to work out the perfect arrangement to suit your patio or deck, and fit within your budget.

Once you have put together the daybed and the area has been beautifully decorated, it’s time to sit down, enjoy the sunshine, and savour the moment in your own outdoor relaxation space.