Could your patio use a touch of extra greenery? Even the best patios can look rather lifeless without some plants. Adding a garden to your patio will take some work, but in the end  you’ll find the results well worth it.

After all, nothing has ever been gained without hard work and determination. So here are some handy tips to turn your patio into a thriving green sanctuary.

To start with you may want to select plants for your garden that thrive in the shade. Indoor plants and ferns work really well here.  It’s advisable to ask your local nursery staff to help you select the plants.

The best place to start is the area around the patio. You can create a distinct border by adding a garden around the outside of the patio. This border can use raised planters or even wooden boxes, as long a the separation is clearly defined.

If the patio is made of paving stones, you may find that weeds will sprout between the cracks. If you like, why not use this to your advantage and grow moss in the gaps? This will give your patio a more lived in feel and can soften the look of a hard stone surface.

Large pot plants can be placed on your patio near seating. This will provide a form of natural shading keeping those sitting their cool on a hot sunny day. Small pot plants can also be hung from hooks attached to the wall. Creating a perfect way to display your plant collection.

A good way to make your patio more private is to install a lattice wall and grow creeper plants. This will take a while to achieve the desired effect but you will end up with a beautiful green wall, which also can provide shade.