The social media site Pinterest, really is a wealth of ideas and inspiration. If you aren’t already signed up, trust us – you’ll love it!

We find such unique ideas and inspiration for all things outdoor living and outdoor rooms. So we thought why not compile our favourite finds to share with you.

In this post we’ve focused on the brilliant suggestions and tips for making your outdoor space even more homely and suited for your uses and needs.


Outdoor Bottle Opener Outdoor Living Ideas

What a simple, yet fantastic idea! Can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before ourselves. The best part is how easy it is to put together. All that is needed is one pallet of wood, a bottle opener, bucket and some stickers.

By simply hanging your bottle opener pallet on the wall, you will benefit from its convenience when entertaining with family and friends, as well as it helping to limit the mess afterwards!


Summertime Floating Candles

Living in Brisbane, your outdoor living area is always going to be susceptible to insects, and particularly mozzies. So rather than see it as a negative, embrace it by keeping away your unwelcome visitors in style.

No longer are you stuck with the one type of ugly mosquito coils, you can now incorporate your repellent into your existing outdoor décor style. Find some mason jars, or equivalent and fill up with aromatic herbs and the all-important citronella, plus add some water and float candles on top.


Miniature Pond

Do you love the look of ponds, but don’t have the space for one, or want the mess/maintenance involved? Well a miniature pond in a flowerpot is just the solution. It’s so easy to put together, plus you have the convenience of being able to put it anywhere, and even move it around if you want.

All that is needed for the miniature pond, is a bucket to put inside a flowerpot, then fill with river rocks, dechlorinated water, plants, and the fish. Just keep away from any curious cats!


Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Move over boring timber boxes, for a super easy and cute bird feeder, recycle an old teacup and saucer. If you don’t have any lying around, head to your local op shop and pick one up cheaply.

According to the tutorial, you will just need a teacup and saucer, E6000 glue (to glue the cup to the saucer) and a shepherd’s hook to hang it from. It’s a simple way to add some colour to your outdoor area, as well as welcoming the local wildlife.


Hopefully these easy and interesting ideas have inspired you to get creative with your own outdoor area. It’s just simple touches like these that can make your space feel more homely and fit your needs.