Brisbane CarportsFlat Patio Roof

The flat patio roof is a very common type of patio roof in Brisbane. A flat roof is not as expensive as a gabled roof since the structure of the roof is not as complex.

Rafters are not required and only support beams are needed. Since the roof is not sloped water and debris tend to collect on the roof instead of draining away.

Gabled Patio Roof

A gabled roof allows more sunlight and air into your patio area. Gabled roofs offer better drainage than flat roofs and therefore require less maintenance. Most houses come with a gabled roof and a gabled patio roof will match the house roof better. The gabled roof is more expensive than the flat roof and takes a longer time to install.

Flat / Gable Combination

Both roof types can be combined to create a visually interesting and unique roof. This type of roof would have both the positive and negative aspects of both roof types and would be more costly than both. However, it would be a modern looking roof and might suit certain asymmetrically designed homes.


The flyover roof is not attached to the main house and instead hovers above the house roof. This in effect raises the ceiling height creating a more lofty breezy area. The gaps in the roof also promote airflow, keeping the area cooler in summer. The flyover is usually angled and therefore promotes water runoff and requiring less maintenance.

Don’t forget that all patio roofs installed by homeshield can be customised to fit your needs. This ensures that your house and patio always match flawlessly.