It’s school holidays time again and like most parents, you’re probably looking for some fun (and cheap!) ways to entertain the kids.

If you have a beautiful outdoor living area and backyard, why not make the most of it these school holidays and set up some fun games and activities for the kids to busy themselves with. We’ve been scouring Pinterest again, and have put together some great school holiday ideas for you to try out.

It seems the boring old board games have been given new life and we think the novelty of playing life sized games in the backyard sounds like lots of fun!!


Life Size Kerplunk

The diy instructions for this suggest a moderate level of difficulty, but if you consider yourself pretty hand, this would be a great game to get the kids involved and no doubt entertain them for hours!

Click here for the instructions.


Backyard Twister

For a much simpler game, what about bringing the game of twister outdoors! All you would need is to find a nice level patch of grass, grab a few colours of spray paint and you’re right to go.


Life Size Jenga

Jenga is a great game for the whole family to get involved, and what better way than while enjoying the great outdoors. All you need are timber blocks and paint, if you want to add some colour to yours.

It’s pretty self explanatory how to put together, but we found some helpful diy instructions here.


Giant Dominoes

Dominoes is a great game for keeping the kids entertained for hours. You can try making your own using pieces of either foam or timber and then paint on the dots.

We found some great diy instructions here for making it with timber.


Life Size Scrabble

Another easy game to put together, a life size Scrabble can be made from all sorts of materials – depending on your budget and technical skills! The easiest option would be to use some hard cardboard and paint on the letters.

The great thing is the game could go on for hours (if there are enough letters and yard space!!).


Backyard Bowling

We found a few varieties of the backyard bowling, so why not get creative if you decide to make up your own. Styrofoam cones and a soft ball could do the trick. Alternatively, add a few drops of food coloring in clear plastic water bottles will work for pins. Party streamers is a cheap and easy option for lane margins.

For something a bit different, turn the game into night time bowling put glow sticks inside clear water bottles to use for pins.


Life Size Connect 4

This one is super easy to put together, all you need to make your own Connect 4 game is an empty wall, some painters tape to create the frame and then coloured plastic plates.





So this weekend or over the rest of the holidays, why not get the kids out into the backyard and enjoying these fun games.

Not only is it a great excuse to bask in the sunshine, but the kids will love telling their friends all about the fun times they had over their school holidays!