Make your Christmas Day specialIf you are hosting Christmas festivities this year, no doubt you will want it to be remembered with happy and loving memories. We have put together some little touches to dazzle your guests and make the day really special.

Follow some of our quick and easy tips to spruce up your day, and create a personal and truly memorable Christmas celebration.

Prepare for a peaceful and relaxing day, or to create a more upbeat party tempo, by compiling a CD compilation or iPod playlist, filled with songs  significant to your family and friends. The right kind of music playing in the background will not only create the perfect mood, but it may also work as a party saver if any quiet, awkward moments do arise amongst your guests.

Create a sweet smelling aroma by setting up scented candles around your home and outdoor area. Scented candles are great because they can be bought cheaply and will keep your home smelling beautiful. Flower arrangements are another option for placing around the home. However, if you are putting them on your dining table keep them to a low height so they don’t hinder the conversation.

A personalised christmas table centerpiece.Make your day truly special by decorating the table and surrounding area, personalised for you and your family. Create a beautiful table centerpiece that matches the decorative theme of your home, along with the relaxed or sophisticated atmosphere of your entertaining. You could combine a range of candles, glass vases, tiered cake stands, pine cones, ornaments, evergreen leaves or berry sprigs to help reflect the mood.  Finish the table off by decorating with homemade goodies, giving it some real character and to make it a memorable experience for your guests.

A framed menu will give a great effect, and after all the effort you’ve gone to buying and preparing the meal, you want it to be just as special for your guests. Type up the menu on the computer and be sure to keep the font and colours within the relaxed or sophisticated dining atmosphere. Find a striking photo frame that matches your Christmas decor and place the menu inside. Depending on the size of your table you may only display one menu, or place two or three across the table.
Handmade Christmas Crackers

For a twist on the traditional party crackers, why not make your own this year. They will look beautiful as part of your table setting and your guests will appreciate the extra effort. Homemade crackers can also double as a great way to display place settings around the table. If you are looking for something a bit different this year you could use decorated noodle boxes instead. Another unique idea is to hang decorated Christmas stockings on the back of each chair. Whichever option you decide on, fill them up with a range of small personal gifts, a handwritten joke or quote, party hat, sweets and party popper.

Add some sweetness to your table setting that won’t be forgotten, by making edible gifts for your guests. Some cute ideas to bake up are cake pops, rum balls or gingerbread men. Depending on how you set up your table, you could put the edible gifts in a small gift bag on each plate setting around the table, or you could even put them in with the other party cracker gifts.

Christmas Day Outdoor ActivitiesOne last thing tip to make your day extra special, remember its not all about sitting at the dining table. Living in Queensland we are lucky to have hot and sunny Christmas days, so why not make the most of them. Plan some activities to get your family and friends enjoying the outdoors and staying active on the big day. Cool down by going for a swim and play games in the water together, or rally everyone up for a  game of backyard cricket. It will be a great way to keep your guests entertained and a sure-fire way for some fun and laughter to remember the day by.

With such a meaningful day to be sharing with your family and friends, it really is the special little touches that count, and they will be the things remembered years gone by.