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It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and give your outdoor living area and backyard a spring clean ready for the warm months ahead spent outdoors!

While the weather is a comfortable warm temperature, why not enjoy the sunshine and spread your outdoor spring cleaning project over the next couple of weekends.

We’ve compiled a list of what will (desperately) need some TLC and how to get prepared for the warmer months ahead of outdoor living.


Tidy up of your outdoor room.

Your deck or patio may have turned into a dumping ground or temporary storage room through the cooler months. It’s now time to start tidying up the mess and get your outdoor space decorated and fitted out the way it was set up for!

Clean your barbecue.

Before the BBQ season hits, there are some vital cleaning and care instructions to take care of, so it’s safe to use your barbecue again after being neglected for months. Check out the BBQ Care & Maintenance article we wrote last year, which provides an extensive checklist for getting your barbecue clean and ready for use.

Give your garden some TLC.

Now we are in the fire season, a vital step is to cut back overhanging trees or shrubs and dispose of the cuttings. Check out the full list of tips in our Spring Gardening post, and get your garden set for the warm months ahead.

Check out exterior areas of the house.

This part of the home tends to get neglected over the winter months so it’s a good time now to get outdoors and attend to this area. Give your roof, gutters downpipes, windows and doors a clean out and check everything is still in a good condition.

Check over the swimming pool.

If you are lucky enough to own a pool you will know there are a few cleaning and care instructions that need to be followed before your pool gets overtaken in the summer months. A good place to start is by cleaning out the filter, skimmer and pump basket. Give your pool chemicals a check over and make sure it is at the correct balance.

Clean your outdoor furniture.

While the rest of your outdoor space went into hibernation, no doubt the furniture did as well. Give everything a good clean over, ready for its frequent use in the coming months. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to clean your outdoor furniture. Check out our Outdoor Furniture Care post.

After you’ve made your way through this list of spring cleaning your outdoor area should be looking much more lively, tidy and ready for use! With temperatures already hitting 30°C, it’s well and truly time to get outside and start spending time in your outdoor living area or your nice and revived backyard.