Spring is in the air. The birds are singing in the trees, and it’s time to ditch those warm winter coats. It’s the time when gardens blossom anew, arrayed in radiant colours and filled with new life.

Your garden however, needs care and attention, to help this process along. Below are some spring gardening tips to help you out.

All those newly blossoming plants and flowers need extra food, so it’s to time to use some fertilizer. For full effect try applying the fertilizer after a period of rain. On smaller plants such as pot plants and new seedlings, use a soluble fertilizer instead.

Check the soil of your pot plants and re-pot them if necessary. It’s also time to prune your shrubs and bushes, to clear away the broken and diseased branches. This should be done shortly after they flower, just as their buds begin to break.

Spring is a great time to kick your garden into full swing. You should start planting new bulbs and vegetables. Now is a great time for planting tomatoes. So enjoy the wonderful spring gardening!