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Spring is all about rebirth and rejuvenation in the garden. We’ve put together the best tips to get your garden ready for the warm months ahead and give your plants new life.


Rake your lawn and clear away any thatch and winter leaves. Give the lawn a mow and trim the edges for a thorough tidy up.

With the bushfire season now among us, it’s important to trim your lawns regularly.

Spread some complete lawn food over your lawn to be absorbed when it rains.

You may need to returf bare areas of your lawn. Dig in organic matter and water the area before returfing. Avoid walking over the new grass until it has started to grow.

Flowers, Trees & Shrubs

Give the garden a good feed by fertilising all plants in your garden. Find a slow release fertiliser to slowly absorb when it rains next. Now is the time to start planting flower seeds. Daffodils, tulips and chrysanthemum are perfect spring flowers. Apply a liquid fertiliser to your new plants.

Promote new growth in your garden by pruning your plants. Remove any tired looking plants in your yard and replace with lively spring shrubs, bare-rooted trees and vines. As a fire safety precaution, remove any overhanging trees or shrubs and discard the cuttings. Get rid of any weeds from the area before replanting and check over for any pests.

Weed and reapply mulch to your entire garden, this will protect the soil against the heat in the coming months. A good trick is to add a layer of compost and then a layer of mulch over the soil. Make sure you keep any mulch away from the house though, as a fire precaution. Get in early and spray a weed killer over any areas prone to weeds. The weather has warmed up so it only makes sense to increase the watering of your plants in the garden.

Potted Plants

It’s now time to repot any plants that have outgrown their pots or have been in the same pot for years. Replace with larger pots, trim the roots and fill with fresh potting mix to give your potted plants a whole new lease on life.

Rejuvenate the plants you aren’t repotting by adding a slow release fertiliser to them and fresh potting mix. Move your pots to a location with direct sunlight. Also start to water your potted plants more regularly now.


Once you’ve made your way through this checklist, your garden should soon be looking more colourful and lively, with all the Spring goodness starting to thrive.