DIY outdoor home renovating gone wrong

Photo courtesy of Homevibe.

Have you been thinking about an outdoor room DIY project? Before money starts disappearing into thin air, we recommend you firstly consider some of the hidden costs they forget to mention in your favourite DIY home renovating TV shows or magazines.

While you may researched the type and style of outdoor area you want, have you properly delved into the costs involved?

Do you know every last supply needed to finish the project, not to mention all those power tools you never had a reason to own before?

Professional tradesmen already own toolboxes filled with the essential items, plus receive trades discounts on any new items they may need.

You on the other hand will be starting from scratch, which will soon turn into an expensive affair. The more involved your project becomes, the more you will require extra tools and materials, increasing your budget.

Even if you have accounted for every supply your project requires, what happens if inexperienced ol’ you has a major stuff up, and you have to restart the whole section again, or you realise you’ve brought the wrong tools or supplies? It’s back to the hardware store, and so the budget stretches further again.

Trying to cut costs using cheap supplies that won’t last, or leaving out “non-essential” items (by your own opinion, of course), will very well come back to bite you. A tried and true quote to remember is you get what you pay for, and when it comes to this kind of critical work, it really isn’t worth cutting costs.

A possible short-term saving won’t outweigh the costs you will face down the track. More importantly though, damage to your property or the safety of your loved ones isn’t worth risking to save a few bucks here and there.

Choosing the cheapest options will only mean having to replace things sooner, devaluing your home or causing more long-term maintenance costs. Furthermore, it’s the finer details of your project that will really stand out, so avoid skimping here by fitting with cheap crappy fixtures.

If selling your home is the immediate goal, alarm bells should be ringing by now. A cheap outdoor space that looks dodgy and won’t last, will not only devalue your home, but turn potential buyers away.

Even if selling isn’t in your foreseeable future, there’s no point spending money, no matter how you cheap you think you can do a project yourself, if it is just devaluing your home.

By carrying out your own DIY project you also lack the knowledge of a trade professional on the specific legal obligations for your project. You may not be aware of  council restrictions, if a draftsperson/architect is required for approval, or if you must have a Owner Builder permit from the BSA.

Lastly, if things end up a big failure, will you be able to fork out more money to hire a professional to redo things properly? As most DIY’ers have very little experience in this type of project, it really is a reality you may end up facing.

So before you get yourself in too deep and in debt, think very carefully about these hidden costs before embarking in a DIY outdoor room project. Ask yourself if your budget can allow being stretched out every time something arises, or due to your inexperience, doesn’t go to plan.

It’s these hidden costs that don’t get mentioned on the inspiring TV shows and magazines, and these hidden costs that turn a seemingly cheap DIY project into an expensive nightmare.