DIY home renovation failsIn our previous article we brought to light some of the hidden costs you may not have been aware of in an outdoor room DIY project.

The worst part is there are many more things you probably haven’t considered yet.

DIY home renovating may be in vogue at the moment, made popular from television shows like The Block and social media like Pinterest.

However, there’s a lot more factors involved that you need to consider before trying to DIY a deck or patio.

Obviously the biggest hurdle is your lack of skills and experience. This will open your project to many more risks and issues that could arise. Just because you’ve come across DIY decking instructions, doesn’t mean everything will go to plan step-by-step.

One of the key risks to building a deck or patio by yourself, is the risk to your personal safety or damage to your home. It’s not as simple as deciding where to hammer a nail, but involves many more factors, and at the end of the day, safety for yourself and your property is not worth risking.

On top of owning the right protective gear you need to be aware of and following all safety procedures. You’re not only at risk of injuring yourself from misuse of tools, but have dangerous issues to deal with like asbestos, termites, bush fire and flood prone areas.

Working on the project your lack of skills will put you at risk of using the wrong tools or materials. This could leave you with an unreliable finished product, or worse still, hindering you from even getting to that stage. Without the experience, you won’t know appropriate building procedures for ensuring materials provide weather protection, along with being long-standing and durable; both vital for an outdoor living area.

Not only are the chances of mishaps and errors far more likely, but if a mistake is made the onus is left purely on yourself. Doing a DIY project means you have no warranty or insurance on the extra time you spend fixing up mistakes, nor the extra money you have forked out to pay for the problems.

You can guarantee a project is going to be a far bigger job than expected, but not only that, it will be taking up far more of your valuable time for a much longer period. With most people trying to juggle their renovating alongside full-time work and raising a family, are you really willing to give up all your valuable spare time for the next few months?

This then leads on to the concern of you losing interest and abandoning the project. It is a common problem with DIY’ers to give up when a project doesn’t go to plan following those “easy” instructions. Completing the project by yourself, once the hard work starts to get too much, especially when it’s taking up all your down time, a decision to abandon may come a lot easier than you think.

Finally, the last point to consider when doing major renovations yourself, like an outdoor room, is being sure you have followed the correct procedures. No one wants to get a nasty surprise and find out your new addition has not been approved, voiding your home insurance, or preventing you from selling your home.

Hopefully this has opened your eyes to how there are many more factors involved in that simple DIY project. Perhaps it will make you think twice before going ahead and risking your personal safety and damage to your property.