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Outdoor Living

This couple was in desperate need of additional car accommodation, but they didn’t want a plain old “shed-like” carport in their front yard. So, they turned to Homeshield for some much-needed inspiration.

Inside, their home was beautifully renovated, and they wanted the exterior to match the same level of style. They needed a design solution that would address both of their concerns. And guess what? They found it! The answer was a drive-under deck that not only provided the extra car space they needed but also transformed the front of their house into an amazing outdoor entertaining area.

When it comes to decking ideas, Homeshield has you covered. Our Shademaster Insulated Roofing, not only looks great with its VJ Panelling style but also acts as a roof and ceiling in one. It can span up to six meters and is even strong enough to walk on. This deck will keep your outdoor space cool in the summer, and thanks to its unique design, there’s no condensation or the dreaded mould and mildew that usually comes with it. Plus, it’s available in various colours and thicknesses to match any design preference, and it comes with a fantastic 10-year warranty thanks to its superior coating.

So, if you need a deck that’s both functional and stylish, Homeshield is the way to go. To find out more about the Shademaster Insulated Roof and other deck designs, call us on (07) 3216 2799.