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Spring Gardening

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is in the air. The birds are singing in the trees, and it’s time to ditch those warm winter coats. It’s the time when gardens blossom anew, arrayed in radiant colours and filled with new life.
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Choosing Timber Outdoor Furniture

Natural timber has a habit of adding that warm, natural feel to places.This to most, makes it an ideal addition to a home. From wood paneled walls, to wooden dining room tables, the appeal of timber is widespread. But how …
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Outdoor Heating Options

An outdoor patio is almost a quintessential aspect of the Queensland home. In the summer, the patio makes an excellent area to entertain friends and family, or even just to relax outdoors.
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Brisbane Carports

Roof Types

Flat Patio Roof The flat patio roof is a very common type of patio roof in Brisbane. A flat roof is not as expensive as a gabled roof since the structure of the roof is not as complex.
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Patio Gardening Tips

Could your patio use a touch of extra greenery? Even the best patios can look rather lifeless without some plants. Adding a garden to your patio will take some work, but in the end  you’ll find the results well worth …
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