Wanting to take advantage of Brisbane’s warm climate by spending more time outdoors, but still in the comfort of your own home? There are so many ideas and decisions to think about when planning an outdoor living area and deciding on the perfect outdoor room for your lifestyle. You may find yourself with lot of options, but only being sure of wanting an outdoor room.

The important thing to remember is your decision making won’t just depend on your own personal style. The outdoor spaces available on your property, conditions (flat, sloped), as well as your existing home features will all come down to being pertinent factors in deciding on the right outdoor room for you.

As far as the building requirements for your deck plans or patio designs, start by asking yourself these types of questions to determine what outside rooms are right for your home.


  • How much protection do you want from sun, wind and rain? Where do each tend to come from?

Do you want an open space that allows the elements to come through, or are  certain spots in your yard affected by weather conditions which you want to be protected from? While you can’t predict the direction of the rain or wind, you do know which way the sun is going to rise and set everyday so keep this in mind when planning where walls should be constructed, and which sections of your yard will suit an open space.


  • What privacy do you need from your neighbours? Where are the key areas you’d like shielded from view?

Are your neighbours in plain view from your chosen location? If that is the case, would building a wall or privacy screens in certain areas shield unwanted views? When building outdoor spaces you want to enjoy the same privacy and comfort you feel inside of your home, so be sure to consider ways of preventing any unwanted views in the planning stage.


  • Are you wanting to capture any views?

Can you see any scenic views from your home? If so, ensure the design of your outdoor room takes these into account and accentuates, rather than hinders any views. Some good tips to remember: a patio roof can be angled to take advantage of these views, while the orientation of a deck design and handrail will be impacted from capturing views.


  • Which way to the kitchen, barbecue, toilet, swimming pool?

An outdoor entertainment area is a great place for spending time with family and friends, but the location should be convenient to other spots within your home, as these spots in particular will commonly be used most when entertaining. Consider finding outdoor spaces that are close to these other locations, or if not at least easily accessible.


  • What is your main intended use?

Would you primarily use your outdoor room for relaxing with just your immediate family? Or does the thought of entertaining groups of family and friends interest you? No doubt you will want your area to allow for variety in its usage; entertaining, relaxing on an armchair, hanging your clothes undercover, decorating with potted plants. Thinking about these ideas should help you become aware of the kind of size you want and how much usable space you would need to you to achieve all of these ideas.


  • How many people do you want to cater for?

Do you want a space based purely on how many you can fit around an outdoor dining table? Or do you plan of using your outdoor room for more than that, as discussed above in the last point. Would you like additional tables/chairs on the balcony as well as your outdoor dining table? While you can’t predict the number of people you will have over at every given time, you need to decide on a general number of people you would like to comfortably cater when dining sitting down, and how much excess space it would leave in your outdoor room.

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Of course there are many more questions you will need to start asking in order to achieve the right outdoor areas for your own desired needs. Check out our other pages for our outdoor rooms solutions; patios, decks, sunrooms and privacy screens.

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